‘We can’t let these people stop us from what we believe in!’

Standing as it does taller and more prominent than most other buildings in Durham, it seems the jail should force people to consider it more often than it seems they do. It’s not a ‘five-star hotel’ as the writer says, but do many people who inhabit downtown have any idea how nasty it is?

Hey, what’s up man, how are things going with you all and the program? First and foremost I love the idea and movement. Everything you all believe in I believe in also. Also, I remember the whole protest you all were doing on New Year’s Eve and I wish I was out to be a part of it. It’s about time that we all come together and stand up for what we believe in. As far as the jail goes it sucks. I know jail is not supposed to be like a five-star hotel but man this jail is the worst. It’s dirty, they let us clean one day out of the whole week, they don’t clean the showers like they supposed to, and the food is garbage. It’s been numerous times I seen inmates find bugs, hair, or rocks in their food. Commissary is too expensive. A lot of the staff here is very disrespectful, with the exception of the female staff. I’ve been watching the news and been seeing how the ones who suppose to protect our community been doing a lot of damage and not protecting anything. Once again it’s about time we start fighting for what we believe in. Thanks for the support and thinking about us that are going through a lot. I look to hear from you all soon and keep up the good work on the outside and I will do so on the inside until I come home soon.

E. S.

P.S. We can’t let these people stop us from what we believe in!

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