‘Until the government begins to take lumps and bruises…’

The following comes to us from a comrade in a state prison.


Dear —-,

How is everything going for you out there? I have been seeing on the news about how the city of Durham is restricting the people’s right to peacefully assemble. My teachings instruct me to love rather than hate; my struggle comes in the form of loving those I clearly know hate me for superficial reasons. This is a continuous display of racism by the European, and when we get fed up with being treated like 2nd class citizens, we are classified as “terrorists,” “anarchists,” or “thugs.” As I have always said, if you don’t know who you are then you have to be anything they say you are. My goal of establishing nationality is all part of my grand scheme of bringing the American government crumbling down by exposing the crimes against humanity perpetuated daily by its many institutions. The truth will set us free, my brother. The loss of ‘Chuy,’ Trayvon, and countless others are the concrete evidence, but there must be a cultural revolution before we experience a political one. People must realize we are all bound by one cord, and if one of us is dishonored than we all have been dishonored. Your pamphlet on Chuy’s death was coherent and highly informative; it should hip a lot of folks to things that is going on in their community that the media chooses to ignore. The power is ours to utilize or give away, and currently we are starting to utilize it. The ‘Moral Movement’ is great, but until the government begins to take lumps and bruises of their own, they will will continue to manipulate the masses with false voting power, empty promises, and biological terrorism. Inside this gate, the deaf, dumb and blind are just as prevalent as they are out there. Some of these men are mentally beat down; no fight left in them. I encourage them to not settle, but the fear and complacency is tough to shake. If we could form a prisoner’s union we could really change some stuff, but that is only a dream. I recently wrote Eric Holder seeking info on correcting my status; as I await his response I am researching the bonding system utilized by the court system. Are you familiar with this. Let me know because this could be highly helpful to guys in jail.

In struggle,


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