“They would love for us to act out in a violent demonstration…”

I’m writing this letter because I just found out about your group and your newsletter (feedback). I am hoping my letter will be published in your next issue. First off, I would like to thank you for being a fellow soldier in the war against injustice. I have been in the Durham County jail for 40 days and it has been the worst experience I’ve encountered. I’m not new to jail or prison, this being my 4th county jail in 3 states (PA, MD, NC). I also spent 10 years in prison. Never have I saw a jail that has no regard for inmate rights like Durham County Jail. I am a Muslim and when I asked for a Qu’ran, the Sgt. (AK Mims) told me I should “leave that crap alone and read the bible..” I’m forced to make salat (prayer) on a cement floor with no rug and have been discriminated on several times by different guards. They even pound on my door while I pray. The food they feed us is just enough to survive. And when we sent out mail with no funds it takes weeks for them to send it out. Sometimes the mail that we receive is weeks old. Also, if you do not have a paid attorney and are charged with a felony you will sit here for 6 months without a hearing. I believe there is a solution to this problem. But it will take all of us inmates to stand up for what’s right. No violence needed, just stop purchasing commissary from Aramark and purchasing (phone minutes from) Paytel. They would love for us to act out in a violent demonstration so that we can be charged, locked back and subjected to more cruel treatment. But if we hit them where it hurts (the pocket) and do it legally our demands will be met. Hopefully this letter will be the start of some conversations about taking a stance against the modern day slavery going on in DCJ. Until next time, all my brothers and sisters trapped behind these walls stay strong.


B. T.

P.S. Could you send a qu’ran and any Islamic books you can find thank you.

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