“This is a big money carousel”

Hi —-,

What’s good with you and I.O.A.? You guys are really doing some positive things. That’s a blessing. I’m glad that you keep my mom informed of “goings on” within your organization. She enjoys it as well. Even though I’ve been in prison on more than one occasion, she still doesn’t understand the workings of the so-called “just system.” (Neither do I.)

This is not justice. Justice for who? This is a big money carousel. If you’ve got enough of it and are willing to part with it, certain things could play out in your favor. Your stay in prison could be made a little more comfortable depending on which facility/institution you’re assigned to. There are “shysters” in prison jumpsuits and there are “shysters” in authoritative positions. This is no secret!

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write back. I honestly thought that once I’d left the DCDC that our correspondence was over. I wrote to you while I was at Central (processing). I never got a response so I got discouraged and didn’t try again. I know now that I should’ve reached out because the mail doesn’t always follow you from prison to prison. These people are lazy when it comes to our needs. They (guards) don’t have but one speed/gear when it comes to inmates: their speed; It’s all about a paycheck! (Work the hours necessary, then go home.) That’s it…

As soon as I got off the transfer bus, they stuck me in a class (computer). I’m not mad about it, but they don’t give a choice. I wanted the class because I was computer illiterate. I know so much more now. I can type. Put together a presentation. Make a time card w/ wages and deductions. Bar graphs; column graphs and so much more. Others were forced to take classes or threatened with a write up, which is defined as a rule book infraction (somehow). It’s really not cause for disciplinary action because you’re only obliged to take GED/ABE if you haven’t completed these courses upon being incarcerated.

My goal is to stay infraction-free (God willing), so when my 6 months is up here, I’ll be able to request a transfer with no complications. This place is like 3 hours from Durham, I’m told. My mom can’t drive on any interstate highways, making visitation somewhat difficult (Her medication prevents it).

I’ll probably get a job at the next prison that I transfer to. Jobs are scarce here. I’m not trying to go on road squad where the officer(s) stands over you with a shotgun at the ready in case someone feels like a rabbit.

I saw you guys on TV marching and I thought, “Wow, that guy writes me. They’re serious about their cause. 🙂 You guys are “what’s happening.” I’m definitely gonna keep in touch. If you could, I’d like any information that you can get on re-entry programs. Plus, I’d like these books: Fire in the Hole, Swag and Unknown Man No. 89, all by Elmore Leonard…and anything on African American history.

I saw my piece on the issue of feedback. Thanks for printing it. People need to know what’s going on inside the DCDC and prison systems alike. In prison, they monitor mail more closely than they do in the jailhouse so I’ll be careful what I write in my letter(s) and you do likewise. Otherwise, my letter(s) to you may not make it out and vice versa. Send me more stuff pertaining to the police killings at your earliest convenience.

Keep up the good work. I’ll write again soon.

In struggle as well,


Precept for January:

No man is an island, entire of itself. —–John Donne

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