‘Female PODS and Their Stresses’

At this current moment, there are serious issues in 5-D. The only female POD in DCJ (Durham County Jail). For starters there is a lady that took at TB test…her arm is red with severe discoloration. It is believed that she is infected, and due for an x-ray to determine her results. As of yet, she is still in open population. From my understanding TB is airborne. No concern for our safety has been established! It’s ok as long as it’s just us criminals. There are other issues as well…I’ve been here since September, 2013 and seen so many disruptive things. The health care is insane. We had a lady return from the hospital after having a stillborn baby, and another lady [is] having a miscarriage as I speak. She told them [DCJ] 24 hours ago it was happening and they just now took her to medical! Why should our children suffer from the lack of care, and attitudes of the DCJ staff? It is nice to get this off my chest. Thank you for listening – GED

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