C.O.’s ask: ‘Is every room in the pod this cold?’


Assalamualaikum (Peace be upon you)

How’s everything going with you guys? Yes, I did see the work that you guys put in on New Year’s–Great Job! To answer you question about the books you said you sent two months ago, no I haven’t received them. Try putting (full name) when you send them and my jail #. They’ll make any excuse not to give you your mail. With my full name and my jail # it shouldn’t be a problem. Please send me all books and reading material you have or can find about Islam. Thank you in advance. Well, as you can see I’m still here (L.O.L.) Hence the letter. It’s been fifteen months. But I leave it in Allah’s hands. He will return me home to my loved ones insha’allah (God willing).

Just last week we had a five man fight in the pod 5A. A bunch of young guys 18-19 they sent them to the “Hole” but yet they put the whole pod on lockback. No phone, no shower 24 hours a day in the cell. But yet we had nothing to do with it. The guys that were involved were sent to the “Hole.” (SMH) the heat still not on. And it’s colder in here than it is outside. I know this because the C.O.’s walk around in their coats all day asking us “is every room in the pod this cold?” When they open our cell door to feed us (SMH).

Just recently I went to court and my lawyer Lisa Williams said she has to drop my case, something about a conflict between her and judge Hudson. Then last week I get legal mail saying that the court appointed me a new lawyer on my case…and guess who that new lawyer is? Yep, you guessed it, Lisa Williams (LMAO). This NC judicial system is so messed and mixed up they don’t know if they’re coming or going. I just pray to Allah that this be over with so I can get back to my beautiful city “Washington, D.C.” Keep me in your prayers and I’ll keep you in mines. Please try to send me some books ASAP. Thank you guys for the support . Keep up the good work.

Your brother in struggle,



Hope to hear from you guys soon.

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