‘To expect the cops to call themselves wrong is to be foolish’

Dear —

Greetings my brother in struggle, I pray that all is well with you and the rest of the Alliance. I wish to thank you for the books you sent; they were spot on! I have remained focused on the Huerta case also, and smell “cover up” all over it. There is a great amount of police negligence occurring in Durham, and all over the country. A criminal will NEVER convict himself, ya dig? To expect the police department to call itself wrong is to be foolish. The politics involved are too dicey. How can a young man shoot himself, through his mouth, while handcuffed behind his back? Balderdash!!! Keep pushing for the truth, but also for justice. The police have become the muscle for a government that has gone rogue. No more peaceful assembly (Moral Monday), no more voices at the polls (Voter rights act), and no more freedom from terror, foreign or domestic (Trayvon, Jesus, etc.) This is a time when the people need to stand up for our God-given rights. Man doesn’t own man, yet this government feels as if it is an organism void of responsibility or accountability. These type of events will become a more regular scene unless the people awaken from the Google-induced snooze. Take care, —, and please send a Jailhouse Lawyers Handbook when you can.

In struggle,


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