“This place does whatever it wants to do”

the following is from a comrade who heard about IOA from someone in another facility.



What’s up? My name is U.T.M. I heard about you through a friend. B.L. came in yesterday and today some things happened that upset me. He told me about you all and said that you support inmates that go through things like this.

So, this morning I was in the bathroom washing my face when a C.O. came in. There was two inmates in the shower doing whatever. One of the C.O.s asked me what I passed to the inmate that was in the shower. I told him nothing, she said she saw me. I told her she did not see me pass anything. She let me go. About 30 minutes later a Sergeant came in, a Sgt. R and did a search on one of the inmates that was in the shower.

After about 20 minutes I went to leave the bed area and the Sgt. told the C.O. to detain me. After Sgt. R finished her search she searched me. She took a cup that had used stamps in it that I’ve been collecting, an address book, and a letter that a friend that had gotten out about a month ago had written me.

I asked why she was taking my things. She said that she had to look at them. The address book had names and numbers of family and friends. Some of them are in prison, some are out. But either way policy doesn’t say I can’t have them. They post inmate’s names and numbers in the dorm everyday.

But anyway I went back later today to see if I could get my things. I was told that the Staff Sgt. had my things, so I went to Sgt. D which is the Staff Sgt. and asked him for my things. He told me I could get them back Friday after he checked some things out. I asked why my things were taken, but did not get an answer.

This place does whatever it wants to do. It bends policy to make us inmates miserable. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you.



P.S. If you have a extra dictionary it would help my spelling sucks.

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