Long time…moved on

from a comrade formerly in D.C.D.C., an avid reader who moves his books along when done.

To (IOA),

Hey, what’s up? Long time since I wrote. I got to see D.D., my old bunkie from Durham, at —. I was there for about five and a half weeks. I’m now at Harnett. Where is D.? Is he at Green? Next time you write him let him know I’m doing well and that I’m (here). I couldn’t go to Green clothes (minimum custody) because N.J. has a hold on me. If you could tell him that for me because he told me to put in for Green. I have a buddy here who some of the C.O.’s give a hard time to and I explained to him about I.O.A. and I told him you were good dudes. I’m going to put his letter in with mine. If you get a chance could you send me a dictionary? I’d really appreciate it. I received those books a couple of months ago from you while I was in Durham. I’m not sure if i mentioned that in my letter, because I’m reading one of your old letters and you were asking if I received them. I did and thank you. I donated them to the counselor in Durham (Mrs. K)–she’s great. Any one on her case load can sign books out. She has a mini library. D. left me all his books and I donated those as well. She usually sees the people who have serious charges (people with red bands) Red bands are people with high bonds. Anyway, hope you had a good holiday and a blessed New Year’s. Hope to hear from you soon.

I heard H has a great library, but the librarian quit or got fired, so it’s not always open. I think Mon. and Wed. from 1-3 pm but I also heard sometimes they don’t open at all. It all depends if the C.O. is there to open it up. By the time you write back I’ll let you know how it works for sure. If you have the book Inferno by Dan Brown can you send it. I’ve been reading Dan Brown’s books, they’re great. I’ve read them all except Inferno. I really appreciate all you do. Thank you.


B. L.

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