“Jails and Prisons are to show the government has control over the people”


Hey ____,

Unfortunately I did not catch (the) demonstration but I trust it was a good show if the cops were taking pictures. Cops are so stupid anything they feel is a threat they will investigate and during the investigation if they have to they will break the rules.

I’m glad you enjoyed my last letter. It means a lot to me to know that I’m not the only one that’s at least on a similar road as I am. I will agree that in Durham I see more Blacks and Browns in jail than whites, but that has a lot to do with the population of Browns and Blacks are bigger here. If you were to go up to Vermont or New Hampshire where I’m from you would see that race has nothing to do with the people in jail.

Here’s the thing I believe that the reasons for jails and prisons are simple: to show the population that the government has control over the people. That at any given moment for any stupid fucking charge they can step in and do what they want. I’ve previously done 2 years in federal prison and I met so many people in jail for dumb shit. I met one guy who was charged with being a paper terrorist. Then there’s so many people doing 10 plus years for conspiracy. There was one guy doing 7 years for conspiracy to commit bank robbery just because him and others talked about it then some people told on him. I met a guy that got 12 years for a gram and a half of crack. Jails are a business. More people in jail, more money the state can claim at the end of the year. It’s all about money and power.

If there’s one thing I absolutely believe in, it’s that the government is crooked and needs to be brought down. I mean let’s look at the revolutionary war, they say a main factor in that war was due to taxes, yet we still pay taxes on everything and what’s sick is that by us paying taxes that’s how the cops get paid, the correctional guards get paid and how the good for nothing governors get to enjoy all their donuts and coffee. Believe me, I understand what you’re saying about all the white supremacy things, but in keeping the white supremacy factor alive, you’re in a way attacking all whites making it brown and black vs. whites. Not all whites (even though a lot do), but not all whites agree with what cops are doing, therefore you’re losing potential soldiers for your war. Think about this, if you found some white person to stand up and say how fucked up things are, chances are other whites will listen to him/her before a brown or black, therefore adding more soldiers to your army. Everything you say is valid and I respect and understand it all. All I’m saying is it’s time to be open to new ideas. The cops know this because they don’t push away any race who wants to join their force. They know by having multiple races sends multiple messages.

“To beat them, you must know them. To know them, you must understand them.”

So this week, I’m taking a –year plea deal so I won’t be in Durham much longer, but I want to continue on writing and wherever I go I can spread the word. So I will write you all as soon as I get to my prison.

Until then fight on.




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