Social Death: To be continued…

Jan. 6 2014


I just got your letter. Thank you to take time of your day to write me. Tell (my old cellmate) John I say ‘Hello’ if you talk to him again, and tell him to write me. I saw y’all on New Year’s. I’ve been here almost 12 months now. It is driving me crazy. I know I mess up in life, I ain’t perfect, but they’ve been continuing my court date. For no reason. I go back to court on the 21st if they take me. You know how that goes. Thank you guys who been supporting us. I guess you know how it feel to be locked up. But I learn a lot being locked up. It’s gonna make me a stronger person in life. Yeah, I received the newsletter (feedback). I think it is awesome because y’all stop doin whatever y’all doin to support us. I like that a lot. I don’t wanna take your time, I know you’re a busy man. Thank you all again.

And sorry for my English.


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