“We know what they think of ‘litigious inmates’…”



Got your letter and volume 3 of feedback. Thank you. I still have not heard back from the courts on my civil complaint about the pencils. I sure hope it is just due to the holidays. Since I had no way of making or getting copies I had to send the clerk of court all the originals and ask them to make a copy, assign a docket number, date/time stamp and return to me. As an indigent they (clerk of court) are supposed to do this–make copies–but hey we know what they think of “litigious inmates”…they hold us in disdain.

Hey man, the Jesus Huerta issue is bad, real bad. The Durham Police reflect their leadership. Hence, the chief should resign. Too much B.S. happening on his watch. The P.D. has a whole bunch of bad/dirty cops. Look at my case. The search warrant that was obtained last year was done with an affidavit full of lies!! My case is no where near the level of Huertas though, obviously…

…I’ll let you go.                                               Scared 2 death,

K. D. S.


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