“That is some straight bullshit…”

Hey, wat’s up. Sorry for not responding sooner I just got your letter. I think they’re holding back people’s mail. How y’all been, I’ve been doing ok myself just tryna hang in there. I’m on my 3rd set in court, I got court in February, hopefully be shipped off in March, I really pray everything goes good for me. I saw the feedback. It looks AWESOME. I got some news that really sucks: on visitation days they only give us 20 minutes, but now they tryna cut our time to 15 minutes. That is some straight bullshit, and then if we don’t get out of the visitation booth on time they lock us back–that ain’t right. I’ve been locked up 1 year now and it is really depressing sometimes and the bad thing is that they don’t even give me my medication for my ADHD.

…I was wondering if you could send some more books like a comic type book, and some drawing paper, that would be great. Well, I hope you take care and hope to hear from you soon.



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