“Every time I try to do right it backfires”

Dear _____,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Yes, I also had failure to pay (probation fees). How can I pay probation when I make only $116-$125 a week? Rent alone is $110-$125 a week. How can I also buy food? My food stamps got cut off when I started to work. My fee was $40 a month. I can’t pay rent and probation. CJRC had a house on E. Club Blvd. You had to request an extension every two weeks. Yes, rent was free. But my extension ran out after 20 weeks. They wouldn’t approve my extension. So I moved in with my girlfriend. They knew where I was. But due to the terms of my probation, I wasn’t allowed to stay there. Yes, I know about Jesus. How about that correctional officer who killed that inmate? He got 2-year suspended sentence and only 90 days jail time. Where is the justice in that? This is my first violation of probation. It isn’t fair. It seems like every time I try to do right it backfires. What they’re trying to do to me is unfair…My girl is struggling. I can’t get no stamps or money in to buy what I need, (like) my hygiene items. This state stuff just makes you smell worse.

This justice system is really messed up. They are more crooked than the inmates. Please keep sending books and letters. Your letters give me strength and encouragement. It lets me know that there are people who see inmates as humans instead of the animals that society thinks we are.

In struggle,

D. H.

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