Toothpaste caulk keeps the cold air out

Hey _____,

Got your letter. Me and my cell mate will be looking for you all on New Year’s Eve. Now the C.O. I was talking about was telling me that I should have checked my tray before I got it off the cart. Basically, he implied that I put the hair in my food which was not my hair and he then told me that what could he do as he does not work in the kitchen. He did call someone and they brought another tray, but the C.O. told me to eat at the cart since the trays were getting ready to go back to the kitchen. Since I don’t work as a trustie (?) I do not know if they wear hair net and gloves, but since I found hair I would say not. Most of the C.O.’s are cool and are not hard asses. We do have a few that are.

Oh, here is a good one for you from back on the 17th. I have a pinched nerve in my neck from when I got locked up (in October). I have paperwork from Duke stating as such. I asked for an extra mat or medical mat which is thicker. I was denied, for what reason I don’t know. I did finally get a single blue mat. But anyway, on the 17th of December, my whole right arm went numb because of the pinched nerve. I made a sick call and on the 19th I went. The nurse told me since I was already denied before there was nothing she could do for me.

Also, our cells are COLD. They have not turn the heat on yet and there are cracks in the wall and windows so the cold air come into the rooms so that is not helping my neck problems. We have to use tooth paste to fill in the cracks when we find them to help keep the cold air out.

So, anyway, I hope you and the (IOA) family had a great Christmas and we will be looking forward to seeing you on New Year’s Eve.

In the struggle,


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