“…I Never Stop Fighting”


How are you, my friend? It’s been a little while since I have heard from you, as far as I go I am still hanging in there. I took the STARR and Grad program which is a really, really good program believe it or not, but not much has changed on my end but some things are making progress the (police) complaint form you turned in for me got an investigator to come see me and get the ball rolling in on that. And here is another one I would like for you to turn in to the county (complaint form for lack of medical treatment relating to injuries suffered at hands of DPD). I have also wrote legal services but now I am at a standstill. I am out of stamps and there isn’t anyone really trying to help me.

Everybody is going for self, you feel me, but I never stop fighting, trying to stick it to their ass. I just cant do it alone–“fight —-” and fight back I do. Everybody new that comes into the jail and I have contact with I tell them about you all and pass on your info, on one condition: that they must pass it on, too.

I had a court date of 12/2 but I didn’t go, now I don’t have one again so I still don’t know shit concerning my case what I am facing on anything. This shit is crazy, but that’s the game that they play, so wait I must, so wait I do, but I did get my motion and over half of the shit that carries a little time is weak, I can beat it. I know I can, for one I didn’t do it–B & E is not my thing, you feel me?–they are trying to throw shit on me but I am not and will not plea to it. Hit me, _____, I am in need of some stamps if you can.


P.S. I have never got the books you told me to tell you if I did or did not get them and I did not get them.

from the complaint form: “I came into the Durham County Jail on ____ with a broken jaw and informed the nurses and I still haven’t received treatment (three months later).”

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