“I wonder how much time I can take from them today?”


Hey _____,

It’s nice to hear from you. I’m doing good. I have started this little workout group in here. There is six of us in total. I started it in hopes to raise the spirits, mine included. It has seemed to work, in all of us. My court dates have been pushed back, which is whatever. I have not yet got the books from you but this jail is slow. I do like to read, so I thank you for that.

I think protesting on the 31st is an awesome idea. This jail is pretty messed up. When I first arrived here they let us out at 9 am. Now for no reason that has been explained we don’t come out until 10 am. On top of that the thing that bothers me the most is when it comes to lockback time. If we don’t lock back on time, they will lock us back for longer. But when it comes to being let out, we hardly ever come out on time. Then when the pod officer gets the call to let us out they take their sweet time in doing it. It is as if it’s a game to them (“I wonder how much time I can take from them today?”). It’s pathetic.

I haven’t heard about the pencil petition but I’m in a pod where they haven’t taken out pencils . What’s funny about that is the guards make us do a cell inspection when we move into a cell, so if the guards did their job then pencils wouldn’t be an issue. During the cell inspection, nothing is on the walls. When inmates leaves cell, guard inspects cell. If wall is written on, charge or fine inmate. It’s that easy. But they don’t want to do that because it would involve a little bit more work.

Yes, I have heard about the 17-year old (Jesus ‘Chuy’ Huerta) and I’m ANGRY about it, because the cops do what they want and almost always are able to cover it up. I’ve only heard the same you have.

Thank you for what you said (responding to what I said) about my past childhood. I agree with what you say and I have been working on those things.

Hope to hear back from you.


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