Political-Judicial Economy?

Hey bro,

Got your letter yesterday wishing me a happy birthday. Thank you! I really would like to see a flyer on the pencil ban. This past Monday I filed a civil lawsuit claiming the policy violated 1st, 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendment rights. Only problem is I wasn’t able to make copies so I sent all originals to the clerk in hopes they will return to me a full copy! We’ll see…All I asked for was an “injunction enjoining DCDC by and through Sheriff Andrews” from further practice of this policy…I want a flyer…gotta trick them. Here’s how…(omitted)

This needs to be done ASAP as I signed my plea last Friday. Won’t be sentenced til January. Sure could use you guys in court to speak specifically about the judge practicing judicial economy in my case…

How is spending over $30,000 a year to house me practical in comparison to the $1,000 theft and damage?

Minimum will be $200,000 for 6 years!

When the alternative…say drug court for 18 months would be less than ¼ that amount with a very good prognosis considering I had 8.5 years CLEAN and SOBER.

Also, voice how the D.A.’s office is being OVERZEALOUS and not a good steward of county/state money in this case…


Thanks bro,


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