‘I overturn the ban’

Dec. 19, 2013

Hey _____,

I’m good, man. Just chillin.

The C.O. don’t do shit to stop fights. If you tell the C.O.s they put you on reclass. And the C.O.s pick on you until you leave. Now if you get in a fight you are guaranteed to get 25-30 days on disciplinary lockback. And the C.O.s still picks on you. Now, the pencil ban is kind of crazy. I overturn the pencil ban by fishing in my vent for a dull pencil, then trade it with the C.O.s (during rec time) and they never know what happen, but now I have a sharp pencil in my room and they don’t even know it.

I barely order commissary, so everyone in the jail just need to stop ordering until they drop the prices. But aint no way with the nasty ass food they feed us, unless we starve ourselves. Which ain’t gone happen…


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