‘When a C.O. or Police Officer does something…’

A young prisoner reflects on another young person’s death at the hands of police and ‘the law’ being above the law.

What’s up, ___. I’m just surviving in here. My lawyer told me I’m going to prison. Guess what? I’m locked back again. This time I’m in the hole. Anyway, I did get the items you sent me. Thank you. It is crazy how that 17 year old boy (Jesus Huerta) got killed.

Regarding this jail? I hate it. The pencil ban is stupid, you get in trouble for the stupidest things. But when a C.O. or police officer does something they just get put on leave (with pay). I say take the pay and fire their ass. I’m in the hole for fighting a grown ass man that acted his shoe size and not his age!

Since the 4 months I’ve been here I have only ordered one soap, deodorant and other hygiene. Now it has ran out and my mom said she didn’t have any money…

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