‘Don’t forget to live extra for me out there’

What’s up,

I hope you are well and succeeding in your endeavors. It turns out  I’m going to trial, which won’t be until after Feb. I haven’t written because I didn’t have any stamps. What new problems are you fighting for as far as the jail setting? They’re pretty strict on the mail stuff. My mom sent stamps, I never got them. I remember you talking about fighting the thing where people weren’t going to be allowed to use (IDs) from other countries to visit.


I’ve been thinking on the corruption of the world and how my delusions weren’t so far off target. I mean people’s agendas and the ways of this world. I’ve been thinking they are gonna crucify me in this case. I’m trying to deal with all this but realize it’s in God’s hands. At least my head is a whole lot quieter of a place. I still get the paranoid against me feeling, but I think it’s all the stress that’s exacerbating my symptoms. I was thinking of a song by a band called Ektomorf called “Who can I trust?” I canon definitely relate. Could you send me the lyrics if it’s not asking too much…I wish there was music in this place. Wait, no, if I had a wish it would be for a perfect utopia in which I can get real help not a metaphorical belt whooping for how ever many years I get. Anyway — I’ma let you go. Don’t forget to live extra for me out there. Stay safe.

In Christ,

D. Q.

p.s. (date redacted) makes 2 years of DCDF.

That’s me in the pic I drew…

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