‘Fear is a greater hindrance than any one factor at our current point’

The following is from a comrade in a state prison who knows about IOA’s efforts from prisoners who used to be in the Durham jail.

Dear —-,

It was great to receive your response to my previous letter! Your concern and willingness to help a brother in such an incapacitated state goes a looooong way. My sincerest gratitude is extended. I pray that Peace and Blessings are bountiful in your life, as well as the entire I-O-A family. As for me, I am remaining studious at all times and awaiting my appeal hearing…If all goes accordingly, I will be released in short order. Hopefully our contact info can be utilized to reach greater heights within the struggle. I am very impressed by your group’s activism, and feel empowered to begin a similar initiative for the Forsyth Co. Detention Center in Winston-Salem. I have been researching, at length, on the prima facie judicial system, and the many frauds that are perpetuated upon the unsuspecting masses…I’ll end this subject with the statement, ‘Nobody comes to jail/prison unless some form of contract is signed.’ Alert individuals to be careful when signing paperwork. On to my previous letter, I would be honored to be (published) on your website, and now grant you full permission to publish my name. I feel that the wall of fear is a greater hindrance than any one factor at our current point in life. Fear has frozen our minds, our hearts, and our tongues, which gives the oppressors total control over us. We only begin to live, Brother —, when we are not afraid to die for our beliefs. I am willing to face my oppressor with my head held high, for I know that I am right for feeling cheated, abused, and systematically jailed for the benefit of Wall Street. If I can do anything to ensure my posterity a true shot at life then best believe it is already done. Many times, I notice, we (the oppressed) complain about the wrong issues. Rather than complaining about our enslaved conditions, tell me, why aren’t we complaining about the fact that we are even slaves in the first place? To, in your words, “disrupt the justice system” it is going to take a great deal of truth Brother. By showing that there is an implemented game plan at work, and not ‘random’ crime that has our neighborhoods, and now schools, under attack. There are others, like us, with a true desire for a better tomorrow, and by uniting in our struggle, we grow stronger. And this is what the ‘establishment’ should FEAR! Through knowledge of , and acceptance of, not only our past, but also our present will we begin to overcome the poverty, drug abuse and self-inflicted genocide. In reference to (books), I am always thirsting for literature. I can really use a dictionary, as well as any books on historical America. Or any material that you think I would find interesting brother…I plan on informing other men in here about the books and your group activities so be on the lookout for more letters from L—. Hopefully in a month or so we’ll be chatting and working on a joint effort of some sort. If not then, then the future isn’t so far away. Again, thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to your response. Take care out there, and fight the tireless fight with the fervor and determination that freedom affords. I’ll do the same from within, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll find a weak spot in this beast.

In struggle,


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