“If only they would give us real help instead of dead time they would see a difference”


I am happy to receive a letter back from you. It’s always nice to have a letter to read. I’m not a bad person you know, I just wasn’t given a very good head start. From the time I could walk my father was abusive to me and my mother. When I was 12 he and my uncle were murdered in a double homicide in Milford, CT. After that, I needed guidance but my mom abandoned me to the wolves. I had to fend for myself. My story is the same for so many young men. We all need help but the state and the fucked up justice systems prey on us because we are under-educated. If only they would give us real help instead of dead time they would see a difference. But they won’t do that because we are a business to them. For the majority I am fine. I live inside my head for most the day. Which is necessary because the less I stay near the c.o. the better. You know I had this female c.o. say that I should get life for what I did, then when I got a picture of my baby boy she comes up to me all nice like asking to see my son. LOL! When I told her no she got all mad at me. But what was I supposed to do forget about what she said to me? I just can’t do that. I refuse to forget the wrong people do. That may not be the best for me, but I can’t help it.

Anyhow, thank you for your advice and yes you can post (anything). Please continue to write, I look forward to your letters.


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