“We should not be punished due to the pod officer’s poor duties”

MAJOR COUCH or anyone else:

On Wednesday October 30th, a physical altercation occurred in one of the inmates cells. Due to this altercation we were locked down for 4 days with no 1 hour recreation within the 72 hour span. We were just placed on half-and-half. Before the altercation, Officer Jackson popped all of the inmates doors from the computer, which is against the rules. She then popped the inmates room that the altercation occurred in by computer again and failed to make sure the door was secure afterwards. Third, she was not thoroughly observing the pod, because they were fighting for at least one whole minute which is a long time to be fighting. The only reason she knew what was happening is because a crowd gathered in the middle of the pod telling them to stop, and the door flew open. We as the pod should not be punished due to the pod officers’ poor duties, this should be corrected because there were clear violations stemming from the pod officer. We have nothing to do with what occurred.

Thank you.

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