“(The police) think they’re better than us”

The public servant in question was suspended at least once for racist behavior. A news report at the time of that suspension said 54% of his pending citations were to Hispanics.


My name is —–. I am the guy charged with shooting (a state trooper) back in February. I came by one of your letters that you sent another inmate. I hope I’m not intruding but I need your help. What I’m charged with is serious no doubt in that. The odds are stacked against me. The trooper has already thrown the first pitch at the Bulls stadium, had an honorary blood drive for him and on top of that had dinner with the governor. Yeah, without a doubt he looks like a real public figure, at least that’s what the news is selling it. The people of the community think I am a monster. And he a hero. I wonder how they would act if they knew the trooper was on probationary leave of duty because he was a racist cop. At the time of the shooting he had only been back on duty for 2 weeks. It took my federal lawyer to find this…my mom said she couldn’t find it because she thinks they are trying to hide it. What I find funny is my state lawyer hasn’t told me of anything like this but my fed lawyer I’ve had literally for a week and a half now already found this out. I wonder what else the state trooper has done.

I have to tell you, I think my state lawyer is against me. And the D.A. is out to fry me. I’ve been charged with attempted 1st degree murder. And assault on a public official and assault with a deadly weapon intent to kill. First off, 1st degree means I planned it. How did I plan if he pulled me over? And, second, assault on a public official: why is there a separate charge for them? Is it because the state pays to train them, if that’s it that’s funny because the taxpayers pays to train them. Personally I think it’s a separate charge because they think they’re better than us. But if we look at it we see that they’re not. A few months back I saw on the news that a cop shot an unarmed mentally challenged man in the back as he ran away and killed him. No charges were filed against the cop, at least none I’ve heard of. Then that same week, the cops killed a 64-year-old woman who had a shotgun. They shot her up. 64 years old they could have backed off. An unmarked car or an undercover could have got close and restrained her. That would have been real police work. But no, they shot her up. No charges filed. You know how long those two events were on the news? One night. You know how long mine was, 2 weeks and everytime I go to court. Cops kill people and the news doesn’t tell the real story.

I sit in jail right now with a 10.5 million dollar bail. There’s people in my pod with murder charges. With 1, 2, 3 million dollar bails. Talk about a violation of my 8th amendment.

So next month I got get sentenced in the feds to somewhere between 30 years and life. I didn’t even kill him. On top of that the state still wants to bring me to trial and I quote from the D.A.: “Make a show out of it.” The state wants 20 to 30 years. And they want me to do that time before I go do the federal time. I didn’t even kill him.

Just from my pod there’s been people that shot 2-3 people, rob them and get 2 years probation. Hell, there’s been people who kill people and got 10-12 years. I ain’t hatin’ on them, just hatin’ on the corrupt justice system.

I’m thinking about taking my story to the news…my story is one they want. I want you and the IOA to be there with me so you guys can protest on news about they’re doing to us. Please write back or come visit me if you can.

Thanks for listening.


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