‘How can I do something about officers that are above the law?’

We have gotten other reports of c.o.s wearing special gloves to beat prisoners.

My name is —. I’m currently housed at the Durham County Jail, but I am awaiting transfer to federal custody so I should be leaving sometime soon. My question for you is what can I do about being assaulted twice by detention officers here? I was beaten pretty badly. Then didn’t get much medical help and the second time I received a black eye and some bruises. To hide the damages from their assault I was put on lock up for 30 days and kept away from everybody so they couldn’t see how bad I was beaten. I wrote grievances and made complaints about the assault yet the jail staff is coming up with different things I did that caused the officers and justified them jumping on me and beating me. I was beaten, and then put in a restraint chair and left on the recreation yard while bleeding from the injuries that was caused by the assault. It took them over a month to give me x-rays on my eye and face. I guess so I could heal. The officers are allowed to beat us with plastic like brass knuckles. They have their own personal gloves that have hard solid plastic covering over the knuckles. My eye is still damaged by being hit with a pair of those gloves. So my question is how can I do something about officers that are above the law?

T. Y.

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