Reading helps me escape these four walls for the time being


I’m maintaining to the best of my abilities. How are you?…I just missed another court date (11/4) which now makes six! I’m not sure why they haven’t taken me. It might be because they’re waiting for my results back from the S.B.I. lab. I’m now back in (pod named). I completed the STARR and Grad program which is housed in 5-B. That program is the one bright spot that this jail has to offer. Anyway, I was in this pod 24 hours when a fight broke out. It was 10/30/13 at about 10 p.m. It is now Monday 11/4 and they finally let us out for a little bit. They locked our whole pod down for five days. And we were told today they would let us out for two hours and 45 minutes a day until further notice. I find this to be absurd since  they removed the inmates that were involved in the fight. The librarian hasn’t been around to take us to the library in months! I’d really appreciate if you could send me some books. It doesn’t have to be any specific title like I sent the last time (although if you could find them that would be great), I just need something to read. It’s the one out I have. Reading helps me escape these four walls for the time being. And like always I will give the books to other inmates, who need something to read when I’m finished reading them. I really appreciate everything you do. You’re a saint. Anyway hope to hear from you soon.

B. L.

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