‘Medical is blatantly incompetent, downright rude and prejudiced’

Dear ______,

Hello my name is I—- and a fellow inmate gave me your address. I have found out that I have H.I.V. through the Health Department testing here in jail. I am supposed to be referred to an outside clinic, but when I ask about the results of blood work they took last week they replied like they had already talked to me about it. This medical department is blatantly incompetent and downright rude and prejudiced. Plus, the pods are filthy. They only clean the pods like they should on Saturday and then it is not thorough. When I was at Alamance County last year, we cleaned and mopped our rooms and pod two times a day. Here they really don’t want you to use the broom or mop during the week. By Thursday the mop is so sour you can’t stand it. We have little black gnats coming out of all the drains. I have wrote the IPBC for some books and I am awaiting them to reply. If you have any philosophy, and sci fi books you could send I would be greatly in your debt.


I. U.

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