‘Drawing is my escape and my own type of medicine’


How are things going out there in the world? Hope all is good with you. Just received your letter. In here same old story with more things being thrown at us. As of the beginning of last week they changed our rec time in the a.m from 9:00 am -12:45 to 10:00am – 12:45 with no explanation, and when asked was told they do not have to tell us. Glad to hear you all are still fighting the pencil ban in cells. For me it is very important because drawing is my escape and my own type of medicine. So as it is I have to limit my pencil to if it’s a cool C.O. or not in order to draw or write. I received some books about a month a half ago. Again, thanks, but yes I am in need of some more since it is hard to draw I read more. Thanks.

Any other questions you have about the goings on in DCJ write me and let me know ASAP and I will write back as soon as I an. I have been here almost a year now and have seen a lot of bullshit go on and down. I am not really sure what or when I’ll go to court, but I am probably looking at a 23-40 month plea that’s what my lawyer says. But as of NOW still no court date. They say they’re waiting for my lab results come back, but my cell mate goes to court on the week of the 4th Nov. and he has only been here 4 months–crazy! Well, let me ask about the IDEA about the council–any word on it moving forward. That’s all for now, thanks again.

One of many,


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