‘I don’t know what I’m going to do now about a job or my living’


How are you? Well, anyway they found me not guilty of felonies, thank Allah and Christ, if I had got found guilty of those charges I would have received 10 to 12 years. I put faith in Allah and Christ, that’s all they said I had to do, and I did.

My lawyer was pretty good. He fought for me. I thought he was working for the D.A, but he was not. They found me guilty of a misdemeanor because I was (at the scene)…That woman D.A. Kerr, she tried her best to find me guilty.

The police officer stated that they did not see any forced enter of the place at all, and that we did not try to run from them. The D.A. had this woman as a witness saying that she seen 4 people and then she seen 3 people, my lawyer asked her, How could she see through a house, bushes, from her living room window. Brother, this D.A. woman’s eyebrows were standing straight up on her head, just like horns. I have never seen so much hatred from a black woman in a way like that. It was as if she couldn’t stand the sight of a black male.

She tried to get me to plea for 18 months of probation. I did not take. Then she came back with a year of probation. I did not take that either. Why should I, I did not do anything but stop and help two people load two items on a van, and got four charges. That almost cost me my life. I don’t know what I’m going to do now about a job or my living.

Also, I was supposed to have an operation while I was in here, the DCDC. This nurse or doctor, who is black canceled my appointment at Duke last month. Duke sent my papers here for my operation. He called me down to the nurse’s station and stated that nursing service will not pay for it, and that’s the last time I heard from them. I have been asking them for my medical records but they will not comply. I’m going to try again this week to get them.

He had no right to cancel my operation, regardless of the pay. That’s malpractice, denial of medical help. The white nurse and doctor will do anything for you, they even brought me some reading glasses, but when it comes to our people to help one another, it’s sad what happens and when…

If I get out before you return a letter, I will contact you from home. Thank you.


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