“They just took a whole hour from us with no explanation”

October 2013


Good to know that things are going well and okay for you out there or as well as can be. Well as for me doing as well as anyone in my situation can be which is okay and well. Thanks for the history lesson. Really needed to hear about some of those things and let me know that. I need to remain strong and focused about uplifting some of these guys and to talk and have them listen about some of these things and try to get them to change their way of thinking in a more positive than negative way. But the guys in here are talking about pencils in cells when they just took a whole hour from us with no explanation or anything. But we are supposed to come out at 9:00 am, but they make us come out at 10:00 am now. We lock back at 12:45 pm, come out again at 4:00 pm, lock back again at 6:45 pm and come out again at 9:00 pm and go back at 10:45 pm. And that’s until we do it all over again the next day. Now the staff haven’t given us a reason why they took the hour, but one of the guards told me that since they took the hour we aren’t supposed to lock back until 7:00 pm. He said that’s what was in his memo. And if you try and take a stand they have cells for the few that would and probably ship the rest off to C.P. somewhere, that’s how they deal with problems. And these guys just aren’t that type of breed, all they wanna  do is watch T.V., gangbang and think negative. But anyway, just wanted to let you know what is happening in here. Been doing a lot of reading, got a new book called Medical Apartheid, the dark history of medical experimentation on black americans from Colonial times to the present. By Harriet A. Washington, it’s a good read if you get the chance to check it out do so, it will better help you understand how people thought about us even back then all the way up until now. How we were used as guineau pigs in the medical field and how white people thought of us. Man, it’s a good book, and I’ve really been into it, and I never knew some of these things. It talks about the Tuskegee Syphilis project, how in the early sixties and seventies how they tried to sterilize our women, think that you would like that a lot, not just blacks, Indians, Mexicans, any race other than white.

Really haven’t heard from my lawyer, wrote her so I’m waiting to hear a response back or a visit so that I will know what’s going on with my situation, because I’m tired of sitting in here and not knowing what’s going on. Really try not to think too much about what’s going on with the outside because every time I think about what’s going on out there I get depressed in here.

In struggle,

E. Y.

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