A lot of the inmates are starting to act like they give a shit

Dear _____,

Would like to write to say thank you for the books you sent a couple of weeks ago. Hope you find the letter in good health, also I have enclosed several interviews that you sent filled out by various inmates.

Would you possibly tell me about any progress that is being made about the pencils in cells here at Durham County Jail? Still I will also send more of the interviews to you soon going back to __ sometime this week.

Also, I am sending a couple of my drawings to you as well. It is just a small way I can say thanks for all you do!

Looking forward to the next newsletter that should be coming out soon, if you could please send more books, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest–last one of the series. Thanks. A lot of the inmates are starting to act like they give a shit what is going on in here. Maybe with some help things could change.

Always grateful,


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