Pencils, cold cells and whuppings

October 14

Just to give a little what is going on, I’m pretty sure you heard about they are taking everybody pencils from them. They want us to come to them and get the pencils so they can put your name on a sheet of paper, letting them not forget you have a pencil and after you write your letter they want it back and you are pretty much where you’re being watched.

They also have the air conditioner wide open in the cells, so to keep warm we plug up the vents in the cells. Now they say if anything is in the vents they are going to write people up and if you ask for another blanket they just laugh at you and the air is cold. I think they tryin to get people sick so you can go to medical and get seen and pay $10 dollar for nothing when they can just turn it down.

They change our time for us to come out. It was 9 am in the morning, the new time is 10 am in the morning which is wrong. They doing what they want, nobody ain’t saying nothing but me, I’m just one person.

They cuss you out like the other day this officer Gomez don’t like black people, (he) cuss a inmate out like a dog so the inmate cuss him back. He tells the inmate he’s running this pod, you can’t tell me what to do, so the inmate tell the Mexican officer to get the sergeant. He try to tell the inmate to lock back, the inmate say no, (which) make it so the officer is cussing the inmate out then is caught red handed by the sergeant. He try and tell the sergeant he ask the inmate to lock back. The inmate got off.

There is a lot of stuff that is going on that the outside don’t know about and it is wrong for us in the jail. I’m sure you heard about when people get in trouble with one of the officers like passing words, cussing each other out, or fighting, this is what they do. First, take down to medical and ask one of the nurses, ‘Is the person in front of you ok?’, asking them if they see something wrong with you they say ‘No’ because there isn’t at this time. (Then) they take you to lock up which they call it the hole and take turns whupping your ass while your handcuffed and when they think you had enough wherever you lay is where you stay. For real. Nobody come see like family wise because you don’t get not visit until you heal.

I will write again soon.

K. C.

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