In the land of the free


What’s good with you? Yeah I’m sorry about the last letter, I just want and need these young guys to get it and want them to get it so bad without going through the things that these rich people that own prisons and jails have in store for them. It’s amazing that we are the only country in the world that has more people locked up than anywhere else, but this is the land of the free. You’re free as long as you have money to do what you want and to buy your way out of things. Me personally I can’t stand the internet because it takes away from a lot of things. You can talk all day on a computer but what about being in front of the people on the front line. I refuse to give up, ___, that’s why I try and talk so vigorously to the young because I need them to get it–what the people with the powers have in store for us. And the politicians are nothing but liars and crooks, that’s all. They are trying to figure a way to make a dollar, you see it at every day on the news with the government.

But as far as this cop goes, yeah he knows my past and how I used to treat his fellow officers and he just felt it was a way to try and get back at me. As far as the felony if you have more than three of the same charge then they have the right to turn it from a misdemeanor to a felony (you follow). So I’m hoping for less time also. But I like conversing with you also, _______, I let a lot of the guys read the zines that you sent and try and let them know where we come from and what’s goin on with us as a people. If you have any African books worth reading and more zines because I share these things with the guys in here. I’m open to read or share them. But I’m also reading the book Guns, Germs and Steel. And that’s a very interesting book because it lets you know why we aren’t the ones with the power and how these people brought disease and germs and death with them wherever they go and how they just took and killed what they did not understand and feared. And that’s what they’re doing now and today but in a more controlled setting, just using this bogus justice system that doesn’t work for the have nots and poor. Which are the black and brown people. You lock-up what you fear and try and kill off. I’ve always been a strong guy and very intelligent but just put it to the wrong us. Now I have an outlook and a voice that needs to be heard…And thanks for just listening.

In the struggle,


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