I’m never coming back to the hole

Oct. 2013

The ban on pencils in cells, oppressive and severe as it is for everyone, is especially severe for those who are punished further in being sent to the hole. But, as the letter shows, the prisoners can still find a way to beat the rules.

Hey, ___,

I’m doing good. I only got one more week until I go back to population. These 25 days have gone by pretty fast. All I do is read, look out the window or do puzzles. Thanks for sending more books, I hope they get here soon. Yeah, I’m still in the hole. I go back to population on the ___. We can still send mail out. I come out one hour every 2 or 3 days. That really sucks. We are not allowed to have any pencils, but we sneak them back to the cells. I did not get (those) pics. Maybe if you can send in one of those big envelopes with some blank paper for drawings.

I did not hear about Tracy Bost (killed Sept. 24 by NCCU police after being released the day before from Durham jail). They don’t let us watch t.v. at all in the hole. The hole is a 23 hour lock back:

No canteen

No phone calls

No visits

No rec time

No library

No t.v.

That really sucks, I’m never coming back to the hole…




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