If I had a place to stay I wouldn’t get in half as much trouble

What’s up?

I’m doing pretty good. Yesterday my (visitor) came all the way from Virginia to come see me and put money on my account. So this is kind crazy because this is my second visit in two and a half months. In a way I feel like my (relative) don’t care about me because she came to see me the first week I got here. She said she would come see me more often and hasn’t. Yes, I would like to say more about my house hopping situation. I feel like if I had a place to stay and go to school I wouldn’t get in half as much trouble that I have gotten in so far. Now I’m a 17 year old black male with two felonies already on my record. I know, crazy right? But some how some way I feel that can be changed.

Yes, I would love to hear more about Herman Wallace and the Angola 3. I don’t know anyone who spent 40 years in prison. He had to be brave to even last that damn long. So yes I am interested to know more about the Angola 3. herman

I really don’t know any one else who has been brutalized (in here) except for me. Some one by the name of K.Y.just wrote so be on stand by for his letter. We are in the same pod — and some crazy shit just happened to him. Just listen to his story. This is truly a fucked up jail system.

Yours truly,


The Client was the best book. That story just had me waiting to keep flipping the pages.

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