Some are getting paid for this work, and it’s not us


How are you, I have been trying to get these brothers to write you, but it’s hopeless, they don’t care what these people do to them. In here, they will work like a slave,  and talk about guns, drugs and call black women bitches. They call themselves niggers all day and night, there’s no hope for this generation of black males. We have to work at the babies and small kids for change. I explained to this young male about going to school, I told him that they are paying you to go to school and college. He walked away. I tried to get them to stop working so the jail would have to pay them…but they don’t want to hear that. Their pay consists of a tray of food (extra), beans, rice, bread. And about waiting 45 days before you work anywhere in here, that’s a lie. Two to three days, they will have you working, yes we are painting, waxing, sewage water clean up, cleaning of officer’s bathrooms, men’s and females, picking up of trash, everything that needs to be done. Some are getting paid for this work, and it’s not us.

The blue-eyed devil of a lawyer I have put my case off until Oct. 28. The man that wrote the statement for me got out on pretrial release. I was supposed to have went to court before he did, but this young black D.A. woman do not like black men.

You should have seen her smiling at those white lawyers and white men in the courtrooms, it’s a shame, I would like to see her face when those same people let her know that they do not give a shit about her. I can’t understand why my people can’t see that they don’t give a shit about us. They let them tell lies on us. I have been sitting in jail going on five months for something I did not do and they know this. They know I did not do anything. Why would they let the man out that said I did not do anything and wrote me a statement, saying that I did not do anything, what’s wrong with that…



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