I call it as I see it

It’s always good to hear from you and to know that you’re still out there fighting for what’s right and the oppressed. Yeah, and me of all people know about the struggles of life, but you keep focused and roll with the punches and keep moving forward.

Yeah, I was lookin at the news the day that that young guy had downtown hostage, but from what I was reading in the newspaper was that he was down there for an hour waving the gun, not trying to harm anyone but was just stressed out and needed to talk. And family and friends were there and they wouldn’t let them talk to him, and at the end of it he was killed, same thing with the guy in Charlotte too, he was seeking help probably, and was shot and killed, you know that tells a lot about the people that are supposed to protect and serve us.

You know even with the jails and prisons this is the modern day slavery for Blacks and Latinos, or as you say the have nots. And most people do it because they can and know that they have bad intentions, in jails on the streets and prisons. But at the end of the day, it’s all about money. And they lock Blacks and Latinos up at an alarming rate and then they give you a public defender whose only use is to get you the best plea that they can send you on your way with some type of prison sentence.

You know it’s bad to say that our youth is lost. I see it on a daily basis. The only thing they understand is this gang stuff and these so-called rappers. You try to talk to them and they pay you no attention, I watch these kids beat and jump on each other as if it’s nothing. You know if some of the Civil Rights leaders would see the way things are now they would think their blood, sweat, and tears were for nothing. They have no desire to change things because they think this is cool, you know it’s a stamp of becoming a man, not knowing they are destroying their lives. You know it’s bad to say it that way but that’s how it is. I see it every day in here. These guys in here are so much at each other that they don’t care about their conditions, they are focused on canteen, visits and phones. ___, when I tell you that it is crazy in here that’s what it is, and when you talk about taking a stand it goes in one ear and out the other with these guys. And most of the older guys in here are tryin to compete with the younger guys, it’s sad and that’s why I feel sorry for our younger generation, and the ones under them. Sorry to say it like that but it’s the truth. And that’s how the people in here are able to control the jail the way they do. Guys are scared of lockbacks and the hole.

Sorry, I don’t mean to sound negative but I call it as I see it and that’s how it is in here, so I stay outta the way and try and do my time and go home. But with the assault they are charging me with habitual misdemeanor so they are turnin it from a misdemeanor to a felony. But my charge only carries 150 days but I don’t know what happens when it turns from a misdemeanor into a felony. Might be lookin at some prison time or probation. Don’t know, haven’t talked to my lawyer yet, and the officer’s name (writer is alleged to have resisted) is B.E. Chambers. So I don’t know what goin to happen. I’ve been in here four months the __ of this month so I’m hoping I’ll go to court soon at least to know what’s goin on with my case so at the end of the day I don’t know. Just ready to get it over with so I can come home and be with my family and move on with my life. But that’s all, sorry if thoughts were all over the place but will write again soon.

                                                                                                                                In the struggle,


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