C.O. taunts: ‘No matter what, I get to go home’

Hey ____,

What’s up! I’m glad to hear back from you. I’m still waiting for a court date, so in the meantime I’m just sitting here in Durham County jail. I had about 5 court dates in the past 3 months and haven’t been to any of them. I recently had an altercation with a c.o. because she wouldn’t pop my cell door open. I was upset because she opened about 5 or 6 other inmates’ cells but wouldn’t open mine. So I told her to do her damn job and open my cell. She then told me in front of all the other inmates that I should write a grievance like a little baby. So, I sat down at a table to avoid getting worked up. She then told me to act like a man. So I told her to act like a woman. She said that no matter what that she gets to go home at 8:00 p.m. So I said, “What you think that makes you better than me?” She then started saying that I must not know who she is and that I got it fucked up. So I laughed. She then walked across the pod and told me to buck. She stood about 5 feet from me and kept challenging me. Me knowing better put the joke on her by saying “Oh, shit.” She then felt stupid and walked back to the front of the pod and called the sergeant and a few other c.o.’s to clean up her mess. Luckily I knew the sgt. and he knows I’m a nice guy and never have been in any trouble since I been here. The c.o. that tried to get a rise out of me is named McArthur. She works on the D squad. I just wanted to let you know.

If you send some books that would be great… I love to read. Also, every book I get I give to other inmates once I’ve read them. It’s sad that the librarian never is around to take us down to the jail library. We’re supposed to go down once a week, but I’ve been here over 100 days and only been there 3 times. Anyway, I really appreciate everything you do.



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