Locked back for disrespect

What’s up,

The name of the sergeant (who beat on me) is Sgt. Black.

Yes, I hear some of the banging and yelling (at demonstrations) and the signs to think about when I was on lockback for 25 days. That is when I saw you all in front of the DPAC building. Some of y’all was in the street when the fire truck was trying to get by. Anyway, thanks for the books you sent me. I’m almost done with Precious. I’m sorry about not writing sooner. I just paid for a pencil so I can use it in my room from an inmate…

My story on the 23rd of this month a lady named Ms. Smith locked me back for NOT going to sleep (she was doing her rounds around 2:30 a.m.). She said me and my roommate was loud. I said we’ll be quite she said, ‘No, get on your bed and go to sleep.’ I said ‘ Iwill be quiet but I’m not getting on my bed.’

She threatened me with a write up and I said ‘write ups don’t faze me.’ She said ‘Say no more,’ and walked away. She came back with two other c.o.s to try to force me on my bed. I said ‘You can make me come in my room, but you can’t make me lay on my bed.’ They all left out and 6:30 a.m. it was time for breakfast as the doors popped, mine didn’t. Ms. Smith came to my room and let my roommate out and she brought me my tray and said I’ll be locked back the next morning also because I disrespected her. And the next day like she said I was locked back.

I just finished Precious and now on The Client. I love the books you sent. Please send more.






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