The mentally ill are lower than animals to society

The more cuts made to mental health services, the more harm is done, and the more folks end up locked up.


I hope you are well…


Man, me and all the mentally ill are lower than animals to society. I’m reading a book called Street Crazy by Stephen B. Seager it’s really opening my eyes.streetcrazy I’m sorry to hear about your friend. Man, this world is cruel. What happened with Derek Walker is so unnecessary. They should fire that cop.


I read somewhere (former NC Gov.) Beverly Perdue was making half a million a year. Lol. Thanks for ‘natural life’ being the new life sentence. Anyway, I know change starts by helping each other out. My case could’ve been avoided if (I could have gotten some help). ..


I hate that in 1483 or around that time Pope Innocent VIII had these two professors find out the cause to mental illness. They said ‘it’s the devil and mentally ill folk are the devil,’ so the Pope sanctioned a murderous frenzy of the mentally ill. The Egyptians and Greeks had it right with their rationalism and great pity on the sick but plagues caused people to turn from that and to a murderous religion. Anyway, all this aint new. We are very stupid creatures.






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