Candy can come in handy

From writing with a bit of lead to coloring Che’s star red, the writer exemplifies prisoner ingenuity.


How you been? I’ve been doin alright. I’m writing to you with a little piece of lead because these wannabe pigs won’t let us have pencils in the cells. Anyhow, right now I’m in the hole supposedly because they found a toothbrush that was sharpened and for that they gave me 25 days in the hole. I mean, it’s not that bad down here, it’s really quiet and the day goes by fast because I be reading all day. Thanks for the books and the composition notebook. It really came in handy…



The color on Che Guevara’s hat was made out of a cherry jolly rancher. It’s pretty cool how candy can come in handy for a drawing…


Yea, I saw that man (Derek Walker) on the news. That’s really fucked up what they did to him. I was wondering when the next feedback with the drawings would come out. Thanks a lot for the pics and the books. Hope to hear from you soon.



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