Brutality is easy to hide when they X-Ray the wrong side

The writer says Durham cop E.Ortiz broke his jaw when arresting him and maintains the jail is doing its best to cover it up.

What’s up my dude? I must say that I was so glad to hear from you because real can see real. As far as my charges go I am now in superior court with 2 habitual larceny and 1 B & E but I don’t have a court date yet. My bond is $8,000 so that’s where that is. You are damn right I want to file a complaint report against (DPD officer) Ortiz. I had my jaw x-rayed and they say aint nothing wrong with it, but they x-rayed the wrong side!

I have not had a key number until today that works.

…I am OK. I am my own worst enemy, but not any more. I am using this time to build a relationship with my higher power and believe it our not your letters help me with that when I at my lowest and feel that I am alone you hit me with a kite to let me know that you are not alone and that little bit of compassion is just enough for me to push on. Yes, I am open for all of the help that I can get at this time and this is the type of organization I would like to involved with on the outside. I am at my best when I am helping some one else. I need meaning in my life…


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