You hear about George Zimmerman?

Prisoners are not only concerned with their own situations or their own struggles. It may or may not be significant to note that the writer is facing a murder charge and is not African-American. Still, he has no mercy for the wannabe cop and murderer of Trayvon Martin.

What’s up,

I hope you and yours are well and strong in the struggle. I haven’t written in a while, there’s really nothing new. You hear about that George Zimmerman guy? He’s in custody again for some violence against his wife. They should have fried his ass the first time.

I thank God for faith and for giving me a second chance to be alive 5th chance actually even though it may not be how I want to live. I’m ready to get real exercise besides basketball everyday. I want to start back playing guitar again too. Anyway, keep doing what you do, you da man.

Sincerely, D. I. Q.

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