Police terror outside, medical denied inside

Hey (IOA),

I must say that I was surprised to hear from you out of the blue. It was an answer to one of my prayers. Because I truly need someone on my side. I have been in prison for over half my life but for some reason this time is different. I asked God to help and he is. I know he is because the proof is in your letter. And you are right, money isn’t the cure to every thing.

Let me tell you a little about me and why I am BACK in jail. It is short and sweet. CRACK cocaine was my lover, and I started doing any and every thing to keep her in me. But some of the things that they say I did I did not do. They are stockpiling charges on me. The B & E they said I did is a lie but I have no no way of fighting them because I don’t have the money for a halfway good lawyer. This is my life that we are talking about here. You asked why am I in Seg unit. Officer Ortiz, city police broke my jaw and medical wouldn’t see me and I was in pain and wouldn’t come out of my room so they locked me back.

When I was arrested Officer Ortiz bowed me in the back of the head, causing my face to hit the V in the door and dislocate my jaw on the right side, all because I was talking trash to him. Now, here is the good part. Once I entered into jail I told the nurse of my problem and that I wanted to make a complaint against him and the police department and to this day I haven’t been seen by medical, my ID number hasn’t worked and still don’t nor have I got a pin number so that I can use the phone. They are waiting for me to heal before I get seen. D.T. slid me this pencil on the low to write you and I want this in your feedback if possible because I am trying to start a paper trail but they won’t let me so I’m grateful for your help.

There is so much built up in me that I truly need to get out because it’s killing me…Yes I would love some (books) if you can find it. And I would like to say thank you for taking the time to write me a troubled soul.


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