No hot water and religion at random


How’s everything? I’m doing pretty good. I received the books this week. Thanks a lot. They couldn’t have come at a better time. All 3 books were included in the parcel. I trust and pray that all is well with you…

You know that the struggle continues in here (daily). We’ve been without HOT water in this facility for the past 2 weeks. Are these really certified maintenance workers? Or demolition men? Nothing ever stays fixed once these guys touch it! This is absolutely crazy! These younger guys don’t care that the hot water isn’t on (They don’t bathe anyhow): They only want hot water to cook their soups with. That’s a doggone shame!

Church services aren’t held on a regular basis. Pods are randomly selected. And, if you’re lucky, the church folk will be allowed entry to your dormitory. I’m so glad that you were able to deliver my bible to me. I can do my own independent bible study. Hopefully, I’ll go to court on the __ of this month and get a better understanding of how much longer I’ll be in this place. Thanks for all that you do on my behalf and others in similar situations. You’re the greatest. I.O.A. is doing remarkable things. Keep up the good work…

Peace and blessings,

M. N.

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