“It’s a race for life that puts people at risk”

Although the following letter is very hard to follow, the writer expresses himself well enough at points to understand his pain, sadness and frustration with pervasive injustice.

Hello again, please!

Listen real close! I don’t lie! My name is L. Y. My mother, uncle, and brother were murdered. Years ago. I know about racist people. It’s for real, you know. People killed, murdered, lied on, hanged, shot, beat to death, never seen again. It’s real.

I’m really from Charlotte. I’ve been in Durham since 2003 running for my life, after my mother was murdered in Kings Mountain NC. I’ve been through so much myself. Same people trying to kill me. It’s racist people using the system (unknown) to lock up peoples for money and exploitation. Reasons are no jobs to get. Other people getting things the people should have. It’s a race for life that puts people at risk for anything.

Now Durham is a racist city, really. Like I’ve been stopped and I was asked what I had on me. I told them. I got charged for it!, Last time I did 55 days. I was set up, they threw those charges out got me for 1 stem already. Waited 25 days before I got to court. Now this time they found a book bag of mine, they said. I go to court Sept. ___. Another reason they trying to do (this is so they can) pay for the new court house. All kinds of people getting locked up for all kinds of shit. They already guilty. I’m in —pod…We pretty much get out in the morning, 9:00 til 12:45, back till 4:00. Back at 6:45 till 9:00 again. The food is shit. One time we had the same thing for dinner as lunch. But so this whole thing is to get money, make people pay money (for commissary) or the feds will give it to them. 120 million dollars? God, a lot of people have died, been murdered, …Still shit happening in Durham and this jail, the country, and the (unknown) Hell.

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