Sergeant: ‘Sometimes you got to keep these young cats in order’

The following letter comes from a juvenile prisoner. To say the least, it reflects a culture of violence and an air of invincibility on the part of jail staff.


This is E.D. If I’m not mistaken you (all) protest in front of D.C.J. sometimes. I understand jail is a place where no one likes. A couple of months ago (December ___, 2012), an incident happened where someone told the c.o. I took his grease which was not true. The c.o. strip-searched me and checked my room, and took my grease. The sergeant then told me to sit my “little dumb ass down,” (again, I was only 16 years old at the time). I said ‘f—k you’ out of anger, the sergeant then came back in the room and he smacked me to the ground. I got up holding my face, I pointed at him and said ‘Why the f—k did you hit me and then Officer Cole punched me in my face.  Then, they took my right arm and put it behind my back and pushed it as far up my back as possible (I thought my arm was gonna break). Afterwards my face was numb (from the smack) and my nose was bloody (from the punch).

When I was finally let out of my cell I asked could I press charges, I also asked if I could see a nurse. They did not let me press charges. The same sergeant that smacked me took me to medical. He laughed the whole way and made a comment saying “My son here was acting up so I smacked the shit out of him,” and “Sometimes you got to keep these young cats in order.” I was put on lockback for 25 days for something I didn’t do. And, yes ____, I would like for some books to be sent.  Thank you. Write back. I have plenty of stories to tell the world.


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