“From the top to the bottom”

Dear ______,

I hope you are in good health. Thank you for the books (by way of Internationalist Prison Books Collective), _____, ______, and _______. I know I’m going to enjoy reading them. Reading is a way for me to escape this sad place. I’ve come to realize something since I’ve been here. This jail is poorly ran. The officers don’t follow rules, so, the inmates don’t, either. Did you call _________, and ask him about his experience in the detention center? Anyway, thanks again for the books, and if you get any more westerns, I could surely use them.

Thank you,

K. S.

P.S. I am a black man. This jail is run by black people. This is a nigger-rigged mess. Someone needs to come in here and straighten this place out with management, from the top to the bottom. The kitchen is sorry, the medical is sorry, the maintenance is sorry, and the officers don’t obey the rules.

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