“That is so not fair.”

Dear ______,

I got your information from Q. N before he left. He told me you’re the people to write if you need books. My name is K.C. I going to tell you a little about myself. First of all I do read my Bible and looks to be a child of God. I‘ve been locked up now 19 months going on 20 months. I know it takes time because all the other cases they have ahead of me just like any other person that is in here. Yes, I’m ready to go home and ready for all this to be over with. I know it takes time and patience, that is what I am trying to work on now. My stay here in the Durham County Jail has been a hard one. I’m pretty sure people who are here write you all, telling things they’re going through while they’re here. The things they encounter while they are at the Jail: this place is not clean. It’s a sanitation hazard, the showers have bugs, the trays they feed you with have food from yesterday caked up under the lid of the trays. The water tastes like rust in it, the chicken they sell us is supposed to come on the the trays for all of us to eat. We pay $6.00 for the chicken and the officers that work at the jail buy food and they all get charged $1.50 a plate and they eat way better than we do. That is so not fair. I’m not trying to be a pest telling you what is going on, I’m sure you hear it all the time. The books I want are …

Thank you have a blessed day.                                                                K.C.

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